Massage Therapist

Michelle Bennett


          "I have been practicing Reiki and Energy healing for over 20 years. This allows my approach to massage to be somewhat unique. I like to integrate different modalities to allow for the best possible outcome. I enjoy taking the time to accommodate each individual, understanding different preferences and needs, while being mindful of the client.
         Clients come back to me because of the peaceful and relaxed way they feel after the session. My style is more of a continuous flow; with
special attention paid to areas of your body that are most in need at the time of the treatment.                       Communication with my clients is a key component to achieving individual stress and pain relief.
My skills include Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Dynamic Body Stretch and Reiki.

         I treat each visit as an opportunity to heal. Look forward to seeing you soon."

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Juan Carlos Alvarez

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